Results Antverpino

Results in C2 at the tournament of Antverpino :

MS : Matthias Vaerendonck vs Vincent Boursoit : 21-19 21-14
LS : Dorien Hayen vs Leen Coenen : 21-23 21-14 21-13

MD : Z. Abd Rashid/B. Gossey vs D. Janssens/T. Vanhoutte : 21-12 21-15

LD : L. Coenen/L. Velter vs C. Staes/P. Van den Driessche : 21-15 23-21

XD : B. Truyens/A. Van Keer vs S. Klink/N. Marinus : 21-11 21-15



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Start season 2

Since the season starts after the last deliberatoin in May, I already have 2 finals in my pocket !

In Thuin, near Charleroi, I came the closest to C1 I've ever been. I reached the final with 4 victories, but in the final my tiredness didn't let me play my best badminton. But still it was a beautiful result...

A month later, I played the tournament of Soignies. It was very hot, and I lost my second round match. In doubles I was accompagnied by a local player. The opponents weren't very strong, and we reached the final... My first final in doubles ! A final we sadly lost...

Now I've played finals in all disciplines the last year, but I never reached the highest honour.

Hopefully I can change that after the summerbreak.

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