Promotion to C1 !!!

Things have changed since my last post !

The first half of the season was very succesfull indeed. I've won all of my singles in competition, except against Kim Mortelé (C1), and I reached the final of the mix in DZ and in singles at Flying Shuttles.

I closed the mix-season with 2 victories in 3 hours and reached 11 individual points, that would have made me C1. BUT in my last tournament as a C2-player, at my "homeclub" Gullegem, I won the singles C2 !!! It was my seventh final in C2,  so I was very happy to record a win at last.

With this tournamentvictory I became C1 even earlier, so since the 10th of january I am a C1-player.

So the title of my blog should change now in 'Life in C1'... ;-)


After battling for a season and a half for promotion, I'm feeling a bit mentally and physically tired. I'm searching for a new goal at the moment, but I'm aware that adjusting my game to the new level will be though enough for this season.


The men's competition has started and for the first team of Gullegem it will be a long struggle to survive in the league. We started well with a victory over Damme, but were properly beaten by Tielt this weekend. Oostrozebeke, Damme and Gullegem will be the competitors to fight for not being last...

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