End of season 2

Well, my second season at competitive level has not gone the way I wanted (or dreamed) it. Putting too much pressure on myself, has gotten to me in many games I could and should have won, in the beginning of the season. I was so eager to earn myself a spot in our first (and then only) mixteam that I wasn't only playing to win a game, but was already thinking about the implications a good or bad result could give. The only result I'm proud of, is the (lost) final at the Provincial Championships in Mixed Doubles C2. That was a thrilling moment in my still young career in badminton.
From then on my results got slightly better, but still there were too many ups and downs. In the league, playing in the first Mens team, I started with 3 defeats in a row and some disappointing doubles. The turnaround came at Torhout, were I played Matthias Vraeghe, top C2-player and now C1. I was so fed up with myself and my style of playing, that I let it all go and played a good match and eventually won it. I learned there and then to play a more diversified badminton, not only relying on my dropshots ; to be more agressive ; to set the pace myself ; and most important : try to enjoy myself on the court. My results got better that way, giving me more selfconfidence.
At the end I recorded a quarterfinal at Wetteren and a semi-final at Izegem in singles, and a semi-final at 4Ghent in mixed doubles. With still 2 tournaments to go this season in the Walloon region, I still feel capable to be a C1-player.

Next season I'm captain of a new mix team at my club. The main goal is to give our "new" ladies a taste of competition and hopefully score some individual points for a promotion. I'm also searching for a partner to play more mixed doubles at tournaments.

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