Promotion time

The following players have earned themselves a place among the C1-players :

Ivo Bonné, Anderlechtse
Stefaan Chhan Nin, Halle
Erik Dehandschutter, Anderlechtse
Tony Vercruysse, Dijlevallei
Stijn De Schepper, Royal Antwerp
Tommy Joostens, De Klamp


Congratulations !

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Promotion Time

Some of our Walloon colleagues have been promoted to C1 the last couple of weeks and are now removed from the C2 ranking :

- Jean Boxho, Etterbeek

- Jordane Devos, Mont-sur-Marchienne

- Stefano Avi, Mont-sur-Marchienne


Congratulations to them !



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Tournament Leobad

Finals in C2 of the tournament in Leopoldsburg :

MS : Wim Smeekens (Lommel) vs Thijs Berkvens (Bokkerijders), 15-10 15-13

WS : Bregje Schellekens (Neerpelt) vs Lotte Jehaes (Poona), 11-2 3-11 11-6

MD : Tom Acke/Stanie Simons (Poona) vs Bart Machiels/Wim Bouve (Leobad), 15-8 7-15 17-14

WD : Evelien Boonen/Bregje Schellekens (Neerpelt) vs Jelle Wils/Lotte Wils (Molse), 15-6 15-6

XD : Tessa Daemen (Neerpelt)/Thijs Berkvens (Bokkerijders) vs Evelien Boonen/Ricardo Fernandez (Neerpelt), 15-13 12-15 15-12


Full results available at http://www.toernooi.nl/sport/draws.aspx?id=9359
C2 ranking updated !

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Tournament Halle

Finals in C2 of the tournament at Halle :

MS : Stefaan Chhan Nin (Halle) vs Pierre Dopchie (Rive Droite,LFBB), 15-7 15-3

WS : Leen Sijmens (Dijlevallei) vs Kimberly Albert (Bad 79,LFBB), 11-4 11-0

MD : Ivo Bonné/Erik Dehandschutter (Anderlechtse) vs Tony Vercruysse/Geert Cornelis (Dijlevallei), 15-8 15-5

WD : Leen Sijmens/Anne Aerts (Dijlevallei) vs Lisa Van Damme/Liesa Demuylder (Halle), 15-8 15-2

XD : Erwin Copman/Irene Tasevski (Kampenhout) vs Jonas Velter (Everbergse)/Lieve Velter (Halle), 15-10 15-4


Full results :


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Tournament Brasschaat

Finals in C2 of the tournament at Brasschaat :

MS : Stijn De Schepper (R. Antwerp) vs Joris Stuer (De Klamp), 15-2 15-7

WS : Sarah Moerman (Turnhout) vs Astrid Janssens (Antverpino), 11-5 13-11

MD : Stijn De Schepper (R. Antwerp)/Tommy Joostens (De Klamp) vs Shaheen Khan/Abdul Khoyer (Bangladeshi Youth Forum, UK),  15-5 15-5

WD : Marlies Smulders/Mandy Trappeniers (Brasschaatse) vs Sarah Moerman (Turnhout)/Evie Smeets (BVM 81, NL), 15-4 15-6

XD : Dieter Smedts (R. Antwerp)/Marlies Smulders (Brasschaatse) vs Erik Hertling/Veerle Hertling (Smash), W.O.


Full results :


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C2 singles ranking

From this season on, I kept all the results of the C2 singles in flemish tournaments together in an Excel ranking. A tournament victory is awarded 5 points, a place in the final 4 points, a semi-final 3 points and so on...

It's NOT an official ranking, just a nice tool to find out how strong a future opponent is (or can be).

This is the link (you can also find it in Hyperlinks on the left) :

http://users.skynet.be/wibilinga/Stand C2 2005-2006.xls


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As a first post a little introduction of myself.

I'm Hannes Stragier, 30 years old (but still young at heart), a flemish badminton player on a very modest level (C2 in Belgium). I started my "badmintoncareer" a long time ago, when I was about 11 years of age. I've always played on a recreational level at clubs in Pittem, Wevelgem, Heule and Menen.

But with my "thirties" in sight I was wondering what level I could reach, playing tournaments and competition... So I picked up my racquet, after a break of about 5 years, and started playing in Gullegem in september 2004.

In my first competitive season I reached 3 finals in singles, from which I won 1 (Barloke), and this victory brought me to the category C2.

My second season is, until now, very disappointing, although I reached the finals on the Westflemish championships in the mix.

This blog is intended to keep track of my personal achievements, and give you an insight at what's going on in the C2 life...

Enjoy ! 

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