As a first post a little introduction of myself.

I'm Hannes Stragier, 30 years old (but still young at heart), a flemish badminton player on a very modest level (C2 in Belgium). I started my "badmintoncareer" a long time ago, when I was about 11 years of age. I've always played on a recreational level at clubs in Pittem, Wevelgem, Heule and Menen.

But with my "thirties" in sight I was wondering what level I could reach, playing tournaments and competition... So I picked up my racquet, after a break of about 5 years, and started playing in Gullegem in september 2004.

In my first competitive season I reached 3 finals in singles, from which I won 1 (Barloke), and this victory brought me to the category C2.

My second season is, until now, very disappointing, although I reached the finals on the Westflemish championships in the mix.

This blog is intended to keep track of my personal achievements, and give you an insight at what's going on in the C2 life...

Enjoy ! 

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Don't worry At least you reached C2, I'm D and will likely stay so. But then I only started playing a couple of years ago and I cannot play regulary. I'm away a lot for work. Keep it up!

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